Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Safety Gourds

Halloween is important to me. It always has been. I think it's because it means that Autumn is here for keeps. In the South, it often stays in the 80's all the way through October, but by the time November begins to open her eyes we're getting the crisp, cool air we're due, for putting up with all that hot, soupy summer air. Because I didn't grow any pumpkins or winter squash earlier this year, I had to purchase my seasonal stoop vegetables. I'm almost positive I bought the best Milledgeville had to offer, and here's why: 1) I got stopped three times before I even got to the checkout line by different people wondering what the hell was in my buggy. 2) They were so heavy they made my safety belt alarm beep continually so I had to strap them in on the drive home. I'm probably a little too proud of my blue gourd, my bumpy gourd, and my not so big pumpkin with the twisty stem.

Also, I know Halloween hasn't happened yet so I shouldn't even be mentioning Thanksgiving, but this year I already know what i'm thankful for: my friend Jess' pumpkin pie. It's definitely the best pie of it's kind, and it has made it's way into my top 20 favorite foods of all time. Speaking of Jess, we went apple picking with our Johnny Appleseeds this past weekend because we got it in our head that an event called the Ellijay Apple Festival would be fun. Apple picking = yes. Apple festival = not so much. Once I get the canner revved up i'll share the in's and out's of making apple sauce and butter from scratch.

Reaching for the stars, always.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Sometimes, you get to go to the beach for a day. Sometimes, after you've been away from the coastal environs for a year or two, you find being in the presence of the sand and salt to be life affirming. And sometimes, when you really just want to find a palatable, quick, "to go" cup of coffee (so you can spend some morning face time with the ocean because you'll be leaving in an hour) you find yourself in the, self-proclaimed, "world's best diner" sharing a table with a middle aged couple who really want to talk to you about their wooden puzzle making hobby and craft fair attendance records.

It wasn't horrible, in fact I probably felt so guilty about not wanting to be stuck in this conversation because they were so nice, but really all I wanted to do was watch some good old fashioned waves. The listening ear was rewarded with a tiny handmade pocket puzzle gifted to Brad and I before parting ways. I was happy about the puzzle, a little bummed about spending another half day in the car, but all of it reminded me of Enzo Mari and how much I love his wooden puzzles, and how I should just be grateful for any and all of this.

Did I mention the newest piece of my real life farm puzzle? I'll give you a hint. It's the same reason there might by a fifth Die Hard movie.... boys. Why do we continue to have so many boy animals born here? Our newest baby goats are both going to be Billy's. AND, half of the A- Team pullets have grown into roosters. Oh well, we'll look for new homes for all of these card carrying Y-chromosome members. In the meantime, i'll just enjoy picking up these tiny goats before they're too big and they smell like musty goat cheese. I've dubbed them, "The Tinys".