Friday, July 22, 2011

Summertime and the Living's Easy

"Hungry for peaches", the pigs say. Ogle them now children, for they are at their peak. That's right, we've reached the Peach Peak, and the view from up here is wonderful. Before you know it, this heat (and these peaches) will just be another something you try to conjure up to remind you that the gray in February doesn't last forever.

Brad and I are busy beavers these days , and at 1:30 AM, or technically in 3 and a half hours, we'll be getting out of bed, loading up our first batch of Cornish Cross birds, and driving them to another farm an hour and a half away to learn how to process birds. If I can remember to load up the camera, i'll bring back some pictorial evidence (PG rated) and a few stories.

p.s. I've missed you.