Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vandercook SP-20

Brad in the process of figuring out the safest way to get the
press onto the lift gate and out of the truck.

The unveiling

First run of the first job printed with the Vandercook.

Well, she finally arrived! After a little bit of head scratching on both the Georgia and Massachusetts ends of the voyage, the Vandercook was officially unloaded into her new
home in the general store on Monday night. Both Brad and I basked in the glow of 20th century proofing press beauty. Could it be, is she here to stay? Yes, children, she is. How do I know? I got to print on Miss Sp20 for 15 hours the very next day. I don't normally geek out about things, but I also never imagined I would get to own and be the sole operator of a Vandercook, and i'm kind of geeking out about this press. Don't get me wrong, the last Vandercook was great and she served me well, but having your own puppy is always better than playing with someone else's. I might even be found wearing a t-shirt like this in the near future.

Special thanks to Michael, of Kat Ran Press, who did a phenomenal job of packing the press, being patient with the Freight company rigmarole, being a mentor to me, and being such a fine steward of the press up until now.

This video isn't that eventful, but it captures me turning the press on for the first time.


  1. Congratulations on the new critter arriving at the farm, one of those that needs food and drink only when used. Hope the local feed and seed stocks paper and ink, and it turns into a . . . cash cow.

  2. Awesmome Craig! I hope to see it/your face one day soon. Come to Philly and bring Brad so I can finally meet him.