Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pot Luck

Our orphan goat, raising the bar for cuteness like it's his full time job.

Can anyone tell me what this flowering bush/ branch is? Dad thinks
it has a marriage term in the name of it....

Sunday evening looking bleary eyed and empty tummied into the refrigerator abyss I spotted a tupperware I hadn't noticed yesterday. Hmm, pulled pork? Did Brad go buy pulled pork today? I'll just take a nibble of it, see if that's where my taste buds are at. Hmm, that's not pulled pork. That's almost like pot roast. Another nibble. Hmm, that's not pot roast. "Hey Brad, what's in that tupperware, is that roast beef or something?" "Oh no, you didn't eat that did you?"

And that's how one goes about eating raccoon for the first time. I guess anything that stays in the slow cooker long enough looks like just like anything else. I'm not going to lie. I didn't hate it. I didn't eat any more of it, but I didn't hate it. How crock pot raccoon got into our refrigerator is a whole nother story.

If the apocalypse does come in my lifetime, raccoons might want to start looking over their shoulder.


  1. Megan - it looks like a Spirea species to me.

    (Me = Nicky)

  2. It does look like Spirea, which is also called Bridal Wreath!
    The most common Spirea species have flowers in big bunches though.

  3. ps. how did that raccoon get in there!?!? who cooked it?? i am very interested.

  4. Hi Shana, I owe you one. Megan's Dad here. I knew there was a bridal name attached to that shrub -- just couldn't remember what -- thanks for helping us with that. The story on the "pulled raccoon" is that a neighbor friend of ours who helps out at the farm knows I love wild game, and that I'm a big fan of his cooking talent. So he dropped it off along with some nice, spicy, vinegary, hot sauce. They were a tasty and memorable combination.