Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Oh my, I've kept you waiting. And waiting.

No time for excuses my little chickadees i've got so many things to tell you. Where should we begin? Let's do our Spring recap in reverse chronological order, beginning with..... KITTENS!

Do you remember our trusty feral farm cat Smokehouse? Well turns out, she'd been up to a little monkey business. Brad and I noticed that she had put on a few too many lbs. and had predicted a possible litter. What we hadn't predicted was five of them, abandoned. Brad heard them crying in the wooden wagon when putting up the tractor last Wednesday evening. We surmised that Smokehouse upon hearing the chug and churn of the tractor engine got spooked and ran off. The problem is that by morning time she still hadn't returned. Brad and I both being honorary members of Country Kitty Defacs (CKD for those in the know) bundled the felines up, placed them in front of the space heater, and put our bottle feeding know how to work. I'm happy to report that all five are getting cattier by the day and i'm shamelessly holding them as much as humanly possible. (** note: if anyone wants to adopt one of these please let me know-- we've got a full house as is!)

The Lion & The Lion Tamer
For the record i'm not trying to show off my bling ring, I just photograph with my right hand.
Leaving only my left free and open to hold baby animals for your enjoyment.

Next up on the Spring Tour: Bud.

Bud has changed a lot since we moved down to the farm full time. He has become a lot more mindful, a little less annoyingly macho, and a little less likely to chase after cars. Unfortunately he hadn't completely threw in the towel on his chasing car days and was run over by a truck dragging a trailer on Sunday evening. (The trailer was what actually hit him). We're thankful that Bud has a guardian angel and after a somewhat hysterical trip to the emergency vet he's back home recovering with only a few stitches and a possible doggy concussion. The words lucky and grateful come to mind.

In other farm animal news: Brad and I built the portable chicken house for our layers. I'm happy to report that they all received their kindergarten diplomas and dove right into teen adolescence. Being a teenager is tough on everyone, just ask Molly Ringwald. Our 98 layers should be laying by July. Then we'll have eggs for days.

Our pachyderms have blossomed into such handsome little red heads. We're continually impressed with their foraging abilities. They eat it all; roots, grass, poison oak, pecans. We did take our first pig for processing about a month ago and were really happy with the results. Now that we've finalized our logo, we have to go through label approval, get our mobile meat license, and then we can finally start at farmer's markets. More on that later.

Also, did I mention that Brad and I are trying to grow all of the food for our wedding? Madness. In order to accomplish this feat we doubled the size of our garden this year and are trying to increase vegetable diversity. We've also enlisted a few big city helpers and their garden as back-up if need be.

Black Beans Sprouting

And finally, the press. She and I have been very busy churning out a variety of printed goods. Below the fruit of some of our labor. This couple was both sweet and adventurous enough to let me be a little non-conventional with their wedding suite.

So from pickles to kittens, that's the brief recap of the past month and a half. See, you didn't miss that much. I'm back in the saddle.

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  1. Your letterpress prints are beautiful!
    All the pictures on your blog too :)
    Sending you some rays of sun from Austria!