Monday, May 23, 2011


Life is good when you've got a bowl full of kittens.

The past week has been a good one for regrouping. (Un)fortunately I am a chronic "to do" list maker, and although it's a good way to make sure all that needs to be getting done is getting done, it can lead to a perpetually stressed and somewhat uninspired life. So feeling a little drained, i'm taking the time to feel like i'm an active participant in my life. Which really just means that this week i'm setting up my studio the way i've always wanted it to look, watching some movies i've been wanting to see for the past year, and sitting down to eat a lunch that takes more than five minutes to prepare and may even require me to wash more than just one dish (eating yogurt while standing is efficient but there's a good reason GoGurt is a bad idea).

Below: some lunch handiwork. Damn if I don't start craving bread and butter pickles once the afternoon heat starts to zap all energy. It's not the prettiest coleslaw you've every seen, but when it reaches 96 degrees in the middle of May, something light and crunchy is just what you need.

Des Olives au Chocolat: Courtesy of my Tante Servanne. Merci mille fois!

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  1. Those kittens. OMG. I had no idea they were THAT ADORABLE. I'll be there in six hours.